Artikel : Reflection of Youth Pledge : What Youth Must Be Done?


By : Toni Ervianto *)

Every October 28th, we are always celebrating Youth Pledge Day. This moment is very urgent and significant on Indonesia National History. Since 88 years ago, some of Indonesia youth had been declared about Indonesia unity through sworn together, we have one homeland : Indonesia, we have one national language : Indonesia language and we have one nation : Indonesia. After these day, we know about Youth Pledge or Sumpah Pemuda.

Youth pledge has contributed on Indonesia Independence because after youth pledge, Indonesia youth have faith about their struggle to reaching Indonesia independence. These day also united some of Indonesia youth organization in several province.

In trend recently, we can read from newspaper, online or television about Indonesia youth hasn’t proud to using Bahasa Indonesia. Some of survey report said approximately 65% Indonesia youth has proud to using another language specially English. They have opinion because English language is international and global language which is important to used in this decade.

This condition also damaged by some of entertainment matter at Indonesia television isn’t giving enrichment education for our society specially for Indonesia youth. Everyday we are find about “Bahasa prokem” and some of language which is destructing Indonesia language. Obviously, Indonesia Broadcasting Commission (KPI) couldn’t do more to reducing this facts. Some of owner Indonesia television or management of television always reject KPI probe result. The government through Telematica and Communication Minister also never do something which give significant result.

If we are talking about our homeland, we have founded some of fundamental problems within it such as we have moral hazard in any level of society, our society is too easy makes conflict each other, we have slavery case, we have child abusement, we have chaos mass rallies, our state border isn’t take care proportionaly, we have unemployment and poverty in any level society and last but not least we are threatened by proxy war.

If some of problems couldn’t solve, this facts may make seriously condition for our government or our country such as decreasing trust from society to government, unfinished reveange group’s in Indonesia maybe take these situation for realizing their interest and last but not least the movement of government topple will spread in our society. If the government topple is happened, it’s black history for Indonesian democracy because these situation make Indonesia step down and having difficulties to make competion with another state.

If we are talking about our nation, we have a big question such as are we proud to be Indonesian? The big and based questions are normal, because some of political observer, some of political party and some of academia said the state and the government weren’t attend and solving society problems. Some of activist said we had “auto pilot government” and the existance of government isn’t strategic matter for society because they could life without government aid’s.

From this condition we could look social disobeydience in Indonesia is happened. To reducing these conditions, the government must work better and more better for their society. The government asparatus must show they have social responsibility and social belonging on difficulties economic situation which facing Indonesia society and having moral task to solving these situation immediately.

Recently Condition : Could Indonesia Youth Solve Nation Problem?

If we have a big mirror to analizing recently situation, we have a big portrait some of problems which is facing by our government and also our society. Some of threat is happened such as haze pollution in several province in Indonesia and our government with foreign aid’s until now isn’t have significant output to handling these situation. Some of interest group’s will start to politicizing these situation and they are blaming Indonesia government under President Jokowi. They said the government isn’t attend and solve the problems. They always said the government too slowly taking over these situation and have double standard to solving these situations in between province.

In national economic situation also have some of problems such as economic slowdown, open unemployment, private sector foreign debt is increased and couldn’t take more tolerance, rupiah exchange rate to dollar always decrease, some of our national economic project is lack of financing and our preparation to facing MEA era isn’t enough yet.

Proxy war is happened in Indonesia too such as negative impact from social media trend, terrorism, separatism, currency war, information war and the struggling of energy security, food security and fresh water among nations. The impact of proxy war is more huge than conventional war because proxy war is arranged confidential, smooth and deadly output in the long term.

In the siege threat from proxy war, the author also confused with some of interest group’s attitude specially whose reject defending the country programme which launched by government recently. The basic essence of defending the country programme is making more people awareness about proxy war surround us. In several country, defending the country programme is a programme which is waited by the people because they are realize these programme is useful to defend their country from anything threat.

Talking and discussing about Indonesia youth partisipation to reducing anything threat from another nation actually depending to Indonesia youth itself. If Indonesia youth isn’t easy to provoking or to follow interest group which have special purpose is really manifestation from their partisipation. In other sides, the government must support Indonesia youth for doing useful action.

Not only that, if Indonesia youth also supporting and involving in haze pollution programme is necessary too. It’s the simple way for Indonesia youth to involving and solving their nation problem. In other word, if Indonesia youth isn’t a part from the problem or to be problem maker is really apreciated. Happy youth pledge day. God bless for Indonesia youth.

*) The author is a Post Graduate University of Indonesia Alumni.